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They will charge you either a flat fee to put in a new line or they will charge you by the hour if they are working on the wires in your walls. If you had the cable company install your lines in the past 15 years and your area was built out for Cable Modem Service then the install of the line to your Cable Modem should be what is called a Home Run line. A home run line is when one wire comes from the cable companies box outside or inside your house and runs directly to the cable modem.

This provides the best signal for the modem which is more finicky than a set top box thats only used for TV reception. If you are even luckier and you had your house wired after the point where your cable provider turned digital and started offering on demand movies and programming you might actually have home run lines to each of your TV outlets. This is optimal for signal whether you are getting it from cable, Dish or your antenna. If you live in an older home that had cable installed years ago then the installers may have been the home owner or the cable company.

Convert from Cable TV to a TV antenna

Often back then the cable company would come out and wire one outlet in the house and you were happy to have cable on your living room TV. There will be signal loss getting the signal from the antenna to the TV. The signal strength at the output of the antenna and how much signal loss there is between the antenna and the TV s determines if a preamplifier is needed.

The signal becomes weaker for every foot of coax cable it travels. Inline signal splitters gobble up signal. The more times the signal splitter divides the signal the more signal it uses up to divide the signal. This is true whether or not the TV is on or off.

Final Note

Selecting the proper preamplifier with the proper signal gain is important. Too much signal gain can overdrive the signal causing poor reception and too little can under power the TV tuner causing the same. This is why antennas with built-in preamplifiers can be troublesome because there's no flexibility when choosing the preamplifier. The preamplifier doesn't exist that fits all situations.

How To Connect Your Roof Antenna to your Cable TV Wires and Keep Internet

Signal splitters are not a bad thing if the proper amount of amplification is used to compensate for the insertion loss of the splitter. If this is calculated properly the reception will be just as good when using a splitter as when not using a signal splitter. In strong signal areas a signal amplifier may not be needed. In weaker signal areas or if the antenna will supply multiple TVs a signal will likely be needed.

There are two types of signal amplifiers. Both types amplify the signal the difference is where they are installed within the system. The power supply requires an electrical outlet and utilizes the coax cable to send low voltage electricity to the preamplifier located near the antenna.

Preamplifiers are recommended for moderated and weak signal area and are not recommend for strong signal areas. The antenna down lead feeds into the distribution amplifier input and the signal is amplified and is fed from the amplifier output to the signal splitter. These usually go behind the TV. The "rabbit ears" set is fine if you're close to a broadcast station.

here Whip - One telescoping antenna. Whip antennae are similar to "rabbit ears" antennae in function and placement. Outdoor UHF - Large, multi-element antennae that are usually mounted on the roof or in the attic. These are ideal for making long-range connections if you live in a remote location. Buy an extension cable if necessary. Especially if you're mounting an antenna outside, you'll need a coaxial cable that can reach from the antenna to your TV.

You can usually find these online or in tech stores. You may want to buy a small extension cable for an indoor antenna if your TV doesn't have enough space for an antenna behind it. Turn off and unplug your TV. Press your TV's "Power" button, then remove the plug from the back of the TV or from its electrical outlet.

This will prevent you from accidentally harming your TV or antenna. Connect the antenna to the input port. Find the antenna port on the back of your TV, then plug in the antenna and tighten the connector if possible. If you're using an extension cable, connect the cable to the antenna as well as the TV's input port. Plug back in your TV and turn it on. Depending on your current channel, you may already be receiving broadcasts from local stations. In general, though, setting your TV's input to "TV" and flipping through channels should do the trick.

Outside TV Antenna Basic Installation

If you know your local channels' exact numbers, try navigating to one of them with your TV's input set to "TV". Adjust your antenna as needed. If you have a directional antenna, such as a "rabbit ears" set or a roof-mounted antenna, you'll want to point it toward the nearest broadcast station. You may also need to move items in your home out of the way of the antenna's connection path. Adjusting your antenna is a trial-and-error experience, so don't worry about getting it right on the first try. Generally speaking, you shouldn't have to adjust a flat antenna very much, since they're both more powerful than traditional antennae and multi-directional.

Not Helpful 23 Helpful If your TV hasn't got a digital tuner built in check your model's specifications in the manual or online , you need a converter box. However, if your TV is digital-ready, you can just hook up the aerial straight to the TV. Can I connect a Terk Outdoor antenna to the outside of my house by disconnecting the existing Time Warner connection and hooking my antenna to their connection and support two televisions? As long as you program each TV.

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The signal may not be as strong, though. Not Helpful 4 Helpful A three-to-one passive splitter is on the market, with the proper F connectors. However, the signal to each set is not as strong than if you are using one cable and set. An amplified splitter is a better setup.

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It splits and gives you some signal boost at the same time.