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The majority of our resources does not go into marketing but rather on making the product better. My goal was not only to create a service to help Muslims get married but we also wanted to help the Muslim community by creating Halal jobs inshAllah. I sincerely pray that Allah swt accepts your efforts , puts Barakah in your project.

As someone who had been looking to get married for about three years now, the site sounds awesome. The main problem in Muslims getting married in North America is a Halal network to meet like minded individuals. Salam Baba Ali, please answer this, do you have advertising within your pages?

I want to sign up, but Im afraid its like all the other sites. I do trust you and watch your videos. It seems like anyone who can design and program puts up a marriage site for Muslims. I have heard a lot of good things about Halfourdeen. The site is safe. You profile, images, etc…is not shared with any company. Actually, privacy is our priority. It would SO much easier advertising Half Our Deen to others if we could show the profiles but because we respect the privacy of our members, we have kept a sealed door so people can search privately.

You will not see any banner ads, text ads, or anything even similar to an ad. In the last 19 days, we have about , hits on our site and we can make decent money putting up ads but we refuse to do so. At the end, its not just about money, but rather it is about the quality of the product.

Half Our Deen is far from perfect but our team is constantly working in the background to make it better. As I type this response, we have programmers working on new features that are debuting soon. I hope that answered you question. If you ever have future questions or concerns about our Muslim Matchmaking service, please go to halfourdeen. We have a customer service team to help you around the clock: There is currently no promotional code so you can leave that field blank.

Muslim Matchmaking The Modern Way

In the future, we hope to have an affiliate program to reward members for referring others. Mashallah Baba, we all love you for the sake of Allah. And having met you on person, mashallah ur magnetic personality and sincerity for the Muslims shine through. We are all your well wishers. The true success is not in this life but in the hereafter. No matter what profit is made from Half Our Deen, it is temporary but the success of the hereafter is forever.

That to me is priceless.

I keep telling my staff that even though you guys are all getting paid for your work, you are also each part of the effort that is putting these couples together. We have about 12 couples and counting…. Are people living outside of US and Canada also eligible to sign up?? MM should limit its authors to imam, teachers and scholars.

I guess sometimes some of us need to understand that online communities need to evolve with time. This blog employes not sure if they are paying for articles or its done one a voluntarily bases a phenomenal and somewhat diverse list of authors, so if you dont like one or two of them, please look at the rest. No doubt, keeping motivation up for both writers and readers is a big challenge. A request from umi,umar and uthmaan,more videos pls.

How Half Our Deen is different than other Muslim Matchmaking sites

May every single person behind HOD be infinitely more successful in the Akhirah…. On a side note, Baba Ali, you stayed in the same hotel I did when I went to perform Hajj with my husband in Remember the Ramada in Madinah? I kept nudging my husband to speak to you…which he did eventually and he told me you were very shy. One memorable moment was when we were having breakfast at the hotel, and you caught us staring yes, STARING, we were so rude and so excited!

Alhamdulillah, it was well cool! Not many of us really want to move to the US unless our prospective spouse ticks more boxes than we wanted. I just signed up yesterday alhamdulilah!

Why “” by Baba Ali

Jazaakum Allahu khayra Baba Ali and his team! May Allah reward you guys for this in this life and the akhira. The more people that sign up, the more that can be invested into HOD and making it better for its members, as well as reaching out to more people and also rewarding those who hare working hard behind HOD.

From a pure business standpoint, I agree with Mostafa. I hope the strategy is to get a critical mass and then raise prices in order to fully monetize, because after all, the more human capital goes into it, the more it demands wages to keep up. Sustaining is very important.

Muslim Matchmaking Tips | Half Our Deen Blog

I am a member on HOD and have been for a few months now. It is definitely a great project and I must commend Baba Ali for putting something like this together. I LOVE the part where we can ask our own questions. I put questions of my own, and phrased them exactly how I liked and it becomes a filtering process for me as I can make sure the person answering ticks the boxes to move to the next step of communicating. To answer your question Bushra, there are lots of Brits on the site, predominantly American as you say but there are quite a few Brits Mashallah from what I have seen in my searches.

I definitely recommend all the singles out there to try it. Inshallah may you find your other half on that. Jzk Allah khair for the in depth look behind the scenes. I get many calls of parents asking for connections for their sons and daughters looking to get married and will be recommending half deen inshaAllah after reading this.. Most immigrants rely on matchmaking Auntis who suggest people.

One concern that parents do have is: Does half deen go beyond the match or are members on their own in terms of finding out more about the person. Do you have a feature ie. For all those cynics commenting on the advertising aspect of this article, this comment speaks volumes:.

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You seem to be struggling to understand their point. The point is that this is advertising. Perhaps there are some Muslims here upset at the fact that this service is being mass-marketed by a popular Muslim readership blog whereas their services are being neglected whatever it is , get the picture? I support this project btw, but I do understand the arguments from opposing side as well. I actually DO understand their point. We have stringent rules on accepting or rejecting requests and certain criteria must be fulfilled, which will be discussed upon request. May Allah grant halfourdeen more success in the future, and hopefully many strong marriages will evolve as a result.

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Salams from my experience I do my own research on the potential matches and ask people, subhanallah once you start looking you will always find a common friend on facebook or a common friend on linked in, there is always a way to find out. And also of course there is always the aspect of getting the prospective to come and meet you and your family in a halal way.

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There are many ways, of course with cautiousness you can connect with good people Inshallah and possibly get a match. Allah knows what is best for us. I really like the HOD project. Overall it is great. The ability to ask your own questions is the best part. Another sister brought this up, and I want to reiterate. Is there any way you can facilitate verification of the information people provide?

One of the reasons many people join matrimonial sites is because we have trouble finding people in our local communities and seek to spread a wider net. So empty I can hear the crickets chirping. Now of course, this is not your responsibility, but it would be really great if you could get the word out maybe post a video about this. Sisters are turned of by a profile that lacks information, or is just a few sentences long.

But I think it would be great if you could spread the word as well to different Muslim communities African American muslims, convert muslims, UK muslims, desi muslims, etc. Once again, thanks for opening your website and for making it affordable to everyone. May Allah bless you and your team for your good intentions and actions.

Your email address will not be published. One of the common questions we get asked about the Half Our Deen offline events is why is it necessary to have an online account with Half.. A typical Muslim matrimonial website barely scratches the surface when it comes to details that are vital to showing who you are and what..

Getting married is a huge, life changing, event. We can spend years searching for the perfect person to be our other half. And for some of.. What am I doing wrong?! One of the most powerful duaas that we have been given as Muslims is also one that we often overlook; The Duaa of Istikhara.

One of the topics that comes up a lot when marriage is discussed is how it will help you be a better person. How after marriage half your.. Here at Half Our Deen it is our goal to change the face of Muslim matchmaking both on and offline.