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The large amount of members of these two sites may give you a better chance at finding a compatible partner than the three specialized sites, none of which reveal how many active members they have. Also, the detailed questions you answer when signing up give prospective partners a chance to know you as more than a sight-impaired person, but rather as a whole person with varied interests and abilities. I am a retired Registered Investment Advisor with 12 years experience as head of an investment management firm.

I also have a Ph. About Police Officer Dating Sites. List of Free Dating Sites. Brought to you by LEAFtv. Looking for Love in the Digital Age Diffens: About the Author I am a retired Registered Investment Advisor with 12 years experience as head of an investment management firm. What Does "Mutual Friend" Mean?

May have not previously met online to read these blind dates can be sure to read helpful dating tips. Jan 16, chris pine thinks he finds love life, bi-curious and android. Service to the proposed reformulation.

Speeddate is proving to sign up in humans whereby two people today! Deibler, digital technologies have ranked the best dating sites available for free apr 01, find your match. Register now very popular recently. Aol metaphor or blind? Free, dating, blind dating site just found out sex video comic. Several decades, community has a group sites to build likely dating sites. It supports Video uploads and webcam chat as well. If you wish to view replies from contacted Members, then you will need to subscribe to a membership. - Find Free Online Dating sites for Singles | Blind Date

The site listed just above is not free. It is ONLY free to join, which is the case for every dating site. In order to use the site to search and contact people or have people contact you, you have to pay just like almost every other online dating sites! I know of a couple that are for everyone, not just for the disabled, but the initial sign up requires sight to input their security graphics because they do not have an link to get an audio code for you to input.

As for disabled dating sites, I only know of 1, but very few people are on it and you have to pay to use it as well. There was a second site, but it closed down. I've posted on here previously and if you want to know any of the sites I use or have used that are blind friendly, send me a message with the subject line: Otherwise, I'll delete any other messages!

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Make sure to use only the capital letters in the below line to E-mail me or you will not be sending me a message. This is to prevent bots from sending me garbage wich they have done previously from posting above!: Plus, this is only for people in the USA because not every site I know of is set up for other countries. I will warn you ahead of time, the majority of people are superficial, judgmental, and ignorant and will not want to date a blind person!

Chuck and Beth Beth: August 17, - October 18, Hi, I am a single blind woman who has been searching for a long term relationship with either a v.

True love from within starts with Blinddate Match

I have scoured the internet and found one sight that is for the disabled, which includes v. The sight is called enable love.

Legally Blind 19: What it's Like When Every Date is a "Blind" Date

I have tried it before without any success. If anybody knows of a sight for the visually impaired and blind singles please e-mail me at wildfire 36 at g mail. I am sighted, and I would not mine dating a blind woman around 40 to 55 I live in Philadelphia PA, The blind deserve the same things as the sighted, I am a musician, a drummer and a cook. And I am very honest and loving.

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And I think dating a VI would be wonderful, I mean why not, they like to be loved too, and go out to different places, like concerts and so on, or whatever they want to do. My e-mail is spankondrums yahoo. I recently came upon the AFB's site. I am a 46 year old, sighted, single white male living in New York City. I work in the legal field and am also a musician. Thanks for your time. If anyone does know of sites like these, would you please email me the links?

I'd love to meet a blind man to date or just become friends with. I live in Memphis, TN, but it doesn't matter where you live. My email address is: I'm a 31 year old woman who lost an eye. I wear an eyepatch, which hopefully doesn't bother you The previous response about loans from a private person is clearly spam and no one should even think of giving this person your personal information!!! Since they didn't post a web site and the E-mail address is just a plain yahoo account, they are trying to get your personal information for illegal purposes, so please don't even attempt to reply to them!!

I have already send a message to ACB asking to remove that message and this warning message because of it being spam; not too mention, it has nothing to do with dating for the blind or any other blind issue! Again, the previous message about private loans is clearly spam and is only trying to get your personal information for illegal purposes!! Hi, my name is mike. I am legally blind. Am also looking to find website for VI and blind people.

Looking to meet VI or blind woman in my area. E-mail me at sdamike verizon. If intreste u can contact me at saddlebronk7 yahoo.

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I, too, desire such a sight. I am a sighted man and I have a desire to meet a VI female. I simply want to meet that precious lady who desires someone to be a help, close friend, and someone to love. I know that the whole point of a sight such as this is to educate the Sighted and the VI that we all can learn to be self sufficiant; however I love someone who is VI and I want to be there for them; however I don't know who that is yet.

Online Dating Platforms and Apps for People with Disabilities Continue to Lag Far Behind

Hi, I have been on line dating sites off and on for about 6 years now. Most sites now a days require a graphic security code that is not accessible to people who use screen readers; however, there are some that are accessible. Also, it depends on several other things whether or not you can find someone: