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That's the question author and journalism professor Susan Shapiro set out to answer.

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Her novel "Speed Shrinking" has inspired a regular night of the same name where hundreds of New Yorkers and dozens of therapists gather for an evening of shrink-matchmaking — or just some quick advice. Shapiro got the idea after her beloved therapist moved away and she needed to find a new one — and fast.

For the price of one session with my old shrink, I saw eight shrinks in eight days," she says. Similar to speed dating, speed shrinking matches up strangers with potential therapists — instead of potential romantic partners — in three-minute sessions. There are sex therapists, a Jungian astrologer, relationship experts, an ADD specialist, and leaders of group therapy for everything from addiction to mourning, many who have written self-help books themselves. At a recent speed shrinking party complete with free cupcakes and wine at Housing Works on Crosby St.

I don't know if this is a toxic relationship or if I just need to compromise more. Paula Conan , 40, who runs a share on Fire Island for singles 50 and over, wanted to know how she can stop sweating the small stuff. Much like lawyers, psychologists and therapists in private practice often have to hustle for business. In big cities, like where I live, there are simply too many of them. Money is to be made in cities, but the need is strongest in rural areas and small towns. This is especially true for medical practitioners.

In part, the Health Care Reform Act was designed to address this shortfall. Whether it will or not is anyone's guess. Perhaps then you can see how it isn't shocking that it didn't take me long to grab the attention of ten therapists.

dr dan therapist – Lightning Speed Dating tips: Your journey to finding your soulmate

Within a day, I found myself fielding calls and e-mails left and right. One even called me while in the process of writing this post. Getting well is sometimes a full-time job and this starts well before one sits down on the therapist's couch. Half wanted a per session fee that I could not afford. Four of them offered a reasonable co-pay and take my insurance. Session One begins at 2 pm this afternoon. When hard data cannot be found, supposition and initial impressions have to suffice.

Therapist Speed Dating

I'm going into this cold, without any advanced preparation. I've tried to look at the matter logically, though I recognize that aspects of personal bias often guide our decisions. At times, I concede that I've felt drawn to therapists who I find physically attractive, though I have resisted this impulse as best I can.

I'm really no different from anyone else, but I still seek to avoid projecting too many of my own feelings onto someone else. If the theory of transference holds up, I suppose I will over time feel a variety of emotions towards my therapist.

But that's for later. Someone close to my own age who has a shared frame of reference, but potentially less wisdom and life lessons? Or, should I chose someone old enough to be my parent, knowing that it may take a while to get on the same page with him or her? A purely objective viewpoint is impossible to ascertain, but I do want to be fair. In a therapeutic setting, I will say that I've never wanted a surrogate parent. I've wanted to speak with a contemporary and, for the most part, have been treated as such.

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