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  2. The Ugly Truth of Online Dating: Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters
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  5. Who Lies More While Online Dating, Men or Women?

I figured that if I posted several pictures, and asked people to look at them before contacting me, there would be no suprises, they would not waste my time, and I would not waste theirs. It's not rocket science and I'm a man and I dare any woman on here to challenge me on these categories. I list myself as a few extra pounds, I'm 5' It seems everyone lies about one thing or another in the online dating world. Perhaps you should just go back to old-fashioned real-life dating? That, or only agree to dates with women who have full-body photos posted. Last edited by Frogwife; 5th January at 5: I met my husband online.

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  • The Ugly Truth of Online Dating: Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters | HuffPost Life?

Yeah, I get a kick out of women on dating sites that are overweight, they try to literally HIDE it in their photos by taking picture from above or sideways or even funnier, trying to be cute peaking out from behind a large oak tree, when the REST of them is behind the tree. Or squatting down behind their kid or pet.

The most common lies women tell when online dating - Beyond Ages

We all lie don't we sometmes? It isn't right but I do think everyone lies about something on their dating profile or simply just doesn't include it. If you think about it, I'm sure there are things you leave out telling a potential love interest. Why do people lie about themselves online?

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  • The most common lies women tell when online dating?

Because of being insecure about that feature and still wanting people to give them a chance. I'm not saying someone has to be with someone who they don't consider attractive but perhaps a little more understanding and sympathy is in order instead of a disgust for the lying or a confused "why do people lie".

The Ugly Truth of Online Dating: Top 10 Lies Told by Internet Daters

You really mean to tell everyone here is a perfect human being who never lied about anything to anyone? I know I have lied.

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I try not to but sometimes you are afraid of how someone will preceive you if they know a certain thing about you. I bet many men lie about their incomes.


I know men lie about their height because I have been out with men that clearly weren't as tall as they stipulated. And yes, men also lie about their weight and age too. I will say I totally avoid men that are "young at heart".

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Some of the men I was still attracted to and some I wasn't. Some I still gave a chance an some I didn't. People lie because of a vulnerability and insecurity about something that might not be perfect. Yes, ideally it would be better if they didn't.


But people aren't perfect and I certainly can't claim that I never lied about anything. In my online dating "journey" as they say on The Bachelor , I often met men who were lying about something, whether it was as innocuous as their age by one or two years, or something more important, like their current relationship status.

At first it made me mad and then it started to amuse me. It was as if men were having fun making up new, idealized versions of themselves online.

Who Lies More While Online Dating, Men or Women?

One oft-quoted study found that online daters could be "somewhat creative with their identity and presentation of self. Let's start with women. As would be expected, studies including one in have found that women lie more about their weight. When I met a man for coffee or a drink, I would usually ask how online dating was going for them. And I was surprised how many complaints I heard about women lying about--how shall I put this gracefully?

In fact, I heard the same tale so often about a woman with a great headshot and a claim of an "average" or "athletic" body build type who turned out to be quite overweight that I wondered if it were the same woman they were all meeting.

According to yet another study , women are also more likely to retouch their photos, and to use older photos. Which seems to make men so hopping mad I'm surprised women continue to do it. Maybe we could all make a New Year's resolution to be as truthful as possible while online dating. So what about the men online? One single man Alan mentioned that he looked different in his pictures since he lost pounds by using body detoxification to lose weight naturally. A term even exists to identify the phenomenon: For all of the reasons listed above, online dating can require a lot of detective work.

The most direct approach would be to ask your date straight up questions about their weight or request that they send you a full body shot, but this seems too forward or rude to many online daters.

Sometimes, you can clue in to whether or not someone is intentionally deceiving you by gathering clues from their profile. Look out for the following:. But asking a series of the right questions can help you gain insight into what sort of body they have, and perhaps even more importantly how they view their body and treat it. Why do you go so crazy for them?